Underexposed: Photographers of the Honolulu Underground (Pt. 2)

Video by Shawn “Speedy” Lopes

All photos courtesy of Tracy Chan and Raul Soria Jr.


Having photographed scores of shows and nightlife events over the years, Raul Soria Jr. and Tracy Chan sat down with B-Side HNL to reveal the perks and perils of shooting the Honolulu music and party scenes. Lenses and accessories? Check. Bumps and bruises? Check. Passion and determination? Absolutely.

Raul Soria Jr.

Raul Soria Jr.’s stageside essentials


Photos by Raul Soria Jr./Awaken the Mosh

Tracy Chan

Sharing a laugh with Tracy Chan


Photos by Tracy Chan/Nightfox Photo

For Part One of this series featuring other HNL photogs, click here.

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