Prevail at Crossroads HI 8.21.15


Prevail at Crossroads 8.21.15

Prevail was one of several acts opening for the KnumbskullsUntold Classics EP release party last Friday at Crossroads at Hawaiian Brians.

Despite the fact that it was the Knumbskulls’ performance I’d come to document as part of a larger, yet-to-be-unveiled project, I felt compelled to also record Prevail, a band I’d not encountered before. Truth be told, I was won over just minutes into their set. Their songs were bright and arrestive; the band, sharp and articulate; the singer, spirited and engaging.

In between songs, however, Prevail announced this show as their last.

Sometimes my timing just sucks.

Well, tonight, I edited the scant footage I have of the band (only two songs in total) and tried mightily to squeeze as much out of it as I could to produce two-and-a-half minutes’ worth of entertaining video. I figured it might also be the perfect opportunity to experiment with a few tricks and techniques I’d been toying with. ‘Thing is, having just one camera and little footage makes the task extra difficult.

Ah, if it doesn’t pan out, just don’t show it, was my thinking.

Well, here I am posting a video of it, so while I would have loved to have had another camera or two, better audio, more angles and more video to work with, I’ve deemed it good enough to share. Just barely, though.

— Shawn “Speedy” Lopes

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