B-Side HNL: The TV Show

Well, the first episode is in the bag and B-Side HNL the TV show is finally a reality. It took a while, but believe me, it’s hard being a one-man crew! I’m covering music, art and happenings in Honolulu, plus showcasing short films and documentaries from international filmmakers, with interviews, features, music videos and lots of surprises. For info on air dates, video samples, etc., simply “like” B-Side HNL’s Facebook page to stay updated and follow on Instagram for behind-the-scenes pics. This is just the beginning!



  1. Alohaaassss! I was searching WordPress for fellow Hawaii bloggers and came across your blog! I’m reaching out because I want to start a blogger organization here in Hawaii and wanted to know if you’d be interested in joining or helping out! I’ll be around WordPress always so let me know! Really enjoyed this read btw!

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      1. Great! I definitely will! It’s proving harder to find other Hawaii bloggers than I thought, lol.. I wish I could search by location. I started a private facebook group (just a few hours ago) but haven’t sent out any invites yet. So glad your interested

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