B-Side HNL 2: HNL to LDN

Screenshot 2016-01-23 06.23.02

B-Side HNL’s second episode takes us from our fancied shores of Hawaii to that dynamic cultural capital known as London, the planet’s most-visited city.

Episode 2 of B-Side HNL commences with Bradley Tangonan’s “High Rider”, a sublime, chimerical short featured in 2015’s ‘Ohina Short Film Showcase and Hawaii International Film Festival; my first-ever Canon 70D project shot in Waimea Bay called “The Secret to Happiness”; a wild ride through London Town via The Line Animation’s imaginative “Amaro & Walden’s Joyride”; Samuel Abraham’s acclaimed “Offline Dating” (also filmed in London); “My Love” by Route 94; and from the Big Island, an exquisite musical short, “Tides”, by Worth, as produced by island filmmaker Grototote (with Production Assistant Rubyanna Moon).

A special mahalo to all involved for their gracious contributions to B-Side HNL.

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