B-Side HNL 7: HNL to VN

While Oahu’s North Shore is world famous for its surfing, it takes just a quick hop and skip across Kamehameha Highway to get you from iconic Sunset Beach to one of the island’s prime skateboarding playgrounds.

On one particularly hot summer day, as tourists flocked by the busloads to surrounding beaches, Banzai Skate Park saw a buzzing crowd descend upon the Punk Rock Skate Vortex, featuring Anti-Matter, Censor This! and This Moment Onward and B-Side HNL was there to record the entire spectacle.

Back in Honolulu, some of the island’s premier hip-hop producers and beat-makers gathered to find a new king of beats for the first of six qualifiers of Beatroot 2016, presented by Lightsleepers.

To close out the show, we venture to Vietnam, where we meet the river children of Long Xuyen, who share their hopes, fears and dreams in Chi Mai‘s poignant short film “Down the Stream”. From there, adventurous filmmaker Stebs takes us on a wild ride by plane, boat, bike and car, across Vietnam’s multi-faceted expanse in “Nine Days in Vietnam”.


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