B-Side HNL 13: Let’s Make It A Party

Fresh from their basements and practice rooms, the live acts assembled at the intimate Studio at Hawaiian Brian’s are always eager to share their music with whomever shows up. In this room, 100 attendees feels like a successful night. Though smallish, when the music gets heavy, there’s still room for a pit and just enough space on the perimeter of the floor to mingle, converse and roam about.

Featured in this episode of B-Side HNL are Gorgos, No Forgive Action,  Anela, Nesta, Anti-MatterNever Enough, Lice,  Ivory City, Scarlet Cord and 82Fifty.  Two live, multi-band shows, captured on successive weekends, bookend a music video by Circadian Clock (courtesy of HIP Video Promo ) and a creepy chiller of a short film by Conrad Lihilihi.

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