B-Side HNL 22: First Dope of 2018

Each month, B-Side HNL endeavors to bring you a compelling slate of short films, live performances and music videos from Hawaii and around the world. Sometimes we score big with works by acclaimed directors and artists whose works we absolutely adore. Just as often, though, even after sending gushing emails, we get the silent treatment. Perhaps B-Side HNL’s not big enough to warrant a reply. It could be these talented people are just too busy or lazy to write back. Maybe they’re just not interested. Fair enough.

How much more thankful, then, we are to receive the blessing of filmmakers who graciously allow their exceptional work to be shared with our audience any time we ask. Counted among these first-rate individuals are cinematographer Jakob Owens, whose breathtaking short, “Oahu”, features our beloved isle, and Ivan Cash, whose delightful “Last Photo” series asks ordinary people in cities across the U.S. to share their personal cell phone photos. “Last Photo Honolulu” is included in this episode.

Also featured here is a multi-artist bill headlined by Sunspot Jonz of intra-Cali hip-hop supergroup Living Legends, a last-minute addition to Honolulu’s monthly “Dope” rap showcase at Hawaiian Brian’s, featuring an eager lineup of homegrown emcees, plus music videos by Last Gasp Collective (courtesy of HIP Video Promo) and  Creed Chameleon, straight out the 94 Block with “Everything’s Happening”.

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