B-Side HNL 4: HNL to AMS

At once gritty, trendy, historic and contemporary, Honolulu’s Chinatown is where Hawaii’s artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and urban explorers often gather for entertainment and inspiration. For ages, however, it’s also been a marketplace for all manner of vice and home to Honolulu’s most destitute habitants. It’s against this wild urban backdrop that we meet Rats and Rico, two separate and distinct products of the same notorious neighborhood.

As with the second half of each episode of B-Side HNL, we travel to a distant city or country where enlivening sounds and uncommon stories abound. This time, through the works of several international filmmakers, we catch fetching glimpses of Amsterdam, another world-renowned destination steeped in history, culture and controversy.

Special thanks to Jeremy Snell, Yuki Ogura and Greg Solenstrom for allowing B-Side HNL to share their fascinating works with the world and a special mahalo to Rats for granting B-Side HNL a lively and revealing interview.

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