B-Side HNL 5: HNL to TYO

Rockin’ Fusion

There is, perhaps, no other place on Earth where East melds with West more seamlessly than our fair islands of Hawaii. A dynamic fusion of American, Asian and Polynesian cultures centuries in the making has created a unique way of life for its 1.4 million inhabitants.

Since the first Japanese immigrants arrived in the Islands nearly 150 years ago, the people of Hawaii have adopted many of their celebrations, arts, food items and even bits of language. It was only a matter of time that Tokyo, currently the world’s most populous metropolitan area, would be a special destination on B-Side HNL.

Our point of origin, however, as always, is Hawaii. We rev things up with Poison, a rockin’-and-rollin’ pin-up event featuring bikes, bands and retro-inspired styles at Anna O’Brien’s in Honolulu.

From there, dig a crazy whirlwind tour of modern-day Tokyo as we hop the Pacific with music videos and film shorts on Japan, courtesy of cool cats like Tim Hahne, Yuki Ogura and Ice Block Films.

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