B-Side HNL 6: HNL to MUC

It only takes a quick 10 mile trip from Honolulu through the lush Ko’olau range to find the showery coastal town of Kaneohe. Here, near the base of an ancient volcano’s remains resides Abomination, a veteran of Hawaii hip hop, whose haunting musical compositions, inspired by horror and sci-fi movies, creates an odd din in the Windward night.

In the opening segment of B-Side HNL‘s sixth episode, the Abolano recording artist speaks of his uniquely evocative music as well as his process, passions and influences, before making way for his first-ever music video, “Death on Mars”.

Our next destination is Munich, Germany (Munchen to the locals), for Davide Spina‘s superbly filmed “Far From You”. Landlocked water dwellers will appreciate this quiet, yet arresting film, which follows a surfer’s search for the perfect wave in the unlikeliest of places.

“City Full of Wasted People” by CrooklynBois, though short on dialogue, gives us an enticing view of Munich after dark, as the filmmakers drift through the Bavarian city, visiting its sights and chatting with some of Munich’s nocturnal inhabitants.

Our return to HNL is marked by the talented and ever-inspiring Vincent Ricafort‘s mesmeric music video for “Wolf Parade”, by local hip hop ensemble Castle Park, whose incendiary late night jam sessions above the backstreets of downtown Honolulu keep the pyre for HNL’s underground music scene burning bright.

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